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Season 1, Episode 13, “Revolution”

Holy shit you guys. It’s the season finale. I can’t believe how fast the first season went by.

Pre credit opener: We see Joey bugging Stephanie for the umptenth time. Saying, “Joey L. Jeremiah. L for lover, at your service.” Joey asks her out and Stephanie tells him to fuck off once and for all. But this asshole just won’t give up. You have to give him that. The twins ask her, “I thought you liked Joey?” But Steph would never deem to go out with his obnoxious ass. Plus he’s one of those guys that isn’t cool but in their own minds they think they are. So yeah.


It’s pretty obvious that Stephanie still has a thing for Wheels. She can’t stop staring at his ass. They pass by Arthur and his grade 7 crew and apparently they’re studying for a big test. But the focus quickly goes to how shitty of a president Stephanie is. And thank God Jason Cox, the worst actor to be in this show is gone and they all rile up Yick to go for the spot of Sports Rep.


In the rest room Stephanie is once again changing her clothes to become super slut. Then Heather the uglier of the twins asks what she see’s in Wheels. Stephanie thinks he’s a hot piece of ass and wants to ask him out yet again. I realized that the Twins are such enablers of Stephanie. They say, “Who can resist Stephanie Kay, school president?” Then as she takes her dress down Erica says, “School bombshell!” Man, what kiss asses.


In class, Snake and Joey are still arguing about the goddamn name of the band. But apparently they’ve chosen one already. The Zit Remedy! Joey’s going on about the band needing a gimmick and they veto him due to it being a really fucking stupid idea. Steph then asks Wheels out again and this time Wheels tells her no. He has to study for a test cause his grades are in the shitter. She get’s so pissed that she’s looking at him with extreme hatred from her eyes. Even though Wheels said maybe during the holidays. Talk about someone who’s always used to getting what they want.


Susie is the vice president and says that she thinks Yick is a good choice for sports rep. Kathleen making it clear that it’s a grade 7 position anyways. Meanwhile Stephanie is so fucking pissed that she wants to get back at Wheels for denying her skanky ass. Erica comes up with the idea of making Wheels jealous by Stephanie pretending to like that fuckhead Joey. Yick comes at the worst time ever and says that he’s interested in the job. She blows him off of course because she’s a terrible person.


The Zit Remedy are practicing their song “Everybody Wants Something” The only song they’ll play through out the run of the series by the way. So you better get used to it. Anyways Stephanie interrupts and starts rubbing her tits all over Joey. Then she offers Joey the Sports Rep job, Snake points out that it’s a grade 7 position and that Joey isn’t even remotely interested in sports. Wheels says that there should be an election and Stephanie being a dumb bitch says, “Look Wheels, I’m the school president I can do whatever I want.” Joey accepts because he’s a horny loser. Steph leaves all happy because Wheels got slightly jealous.


The next day Joey is talking to himself in the mirror, saying how good looking he is. Yick makes fun of his ass and Joey tells him that he’s talking to the new Sports Rep. Wrong move dick head. Yick get’s pissed and tells everyone what Stephanie did. Alex comes along and talks about how it goes against the democratic system. Then the whole class get’s riled up and wants to demand a school vote. Arthur being a big puss doesn’t want to take sides, because it is his sister after all. They then go off on Arthur but Ms Avery quickly suppresses this rebellion by telling her class to shut the fuck up and get back to work.


Joey goes to Raditch’s class and all three of them have Zit Remedy sweaters on with their names and a face of themselves drawn on. It’s hilarious to look at. Steph then makes Wheels jealous again by asking Joey out in front of him. I’m pretty sure Wheels knows what’s up because he just shakes his head. She’s so obvious.


It’s montage time. The grade 7’s are talking mad shit about Stephanie. Bringing up old shit like being drunk at the dance and not keeping any of the promises she said she would do. Like rock on the PA. They’re even putting up posters that say, “No way Stephanie Kaye” “Impeach Stephanie Kaye” and “Out of the way with Stephanie Kaye.” Voula is actually defending her to LD now that Steph and her are tight again. But LD points out how Joey’s not on a school team or in grade 7. Arthur is trying to talk to her, but that stupid bitch won’t listen. Arthur accurately predicts that she’s making a huge mistake.



In the 2nd montage, the Zits are playing their song again and we see the grade 7’s protesting while Stephanie is all over Joey’s dick. After they finish their song, Joey can’t help being a fucking asshole. Throwing in Wheels face how Stephanie dumped him for himself. Joey then says, “Listen I understand how you feel about losing her, but it doesn’t mean we should stop being friends because your girl chose me over you. Then Wheels says, “She’s not my girl.” And that fuckhead says, “Don’t I know it.” “A beautiful chick like Stephanie, I’d be real upset too, But then again, it wouldn’t happen to me.” Wheels calls him a jerk and Joey is actually surprised why Wheels is pissed. I think he flipped him off too. Goddamn I hate him so much!


The next day Raditch is in a great mood. Telling everyone that he hopes they studied. He even asks Joey if he’s sweating the exam, then laughs his ass off as he walks away. Kathleen is coming up with a battle plan for Stephanie fucking with 7C.

Wheels is in the library and he hears the twins talking all fucking loud about Stephanie using Joey to get back at Wheels. Heather going on how she doesn’t want Joey to be hurt. Erica picks up on this and teases her about wanting Joey’s dick. They argue even louder and the librarian tells them to shut their mouths for once. Wheels heads on over to Raditch’s and it’s pretty clear that Raditch can’t find the exam. Wheels tells Joey all about what Stephanie’s doing but Joey doesn’t want to hear it because he’s a stupid asshole. Wheels tells him to ask Heather and Erica if he doesn’t believe him. Joey get’s pissed and accuses Wheels of just being jealous. Then he has the audacity to say, “Some friend you are.” Meanwhile, this guy has been a fucking dick every chance he could get.


Lucy comes in with a Kansas sweat shirt for some reason and wants some paper work for her social worker. Guess she’s going to court soon. Doris Bell then starts going on about how what a shame it is that Lucy is such a bad seed. Raditch meanwhile is going crazy in Doris’s office, but he can’t find his test, so he heads home in a rush. Doris blabs all this to Lucy so of course she goes to tell everyone what he did.


Joey decides to ask the twins what’s going on but then Raditch comes in all disheveled and tells Joey to sit his ass down. And off we go with the exam! It’s pretty obvious that Joey’s going to fail because he’s looking around with a confused face.



After class the grade 7’s start their little protest. Chanting, “Out of the way with Stephanie Kaye”. Joey meanwhile finally asks the twins if Steph was using him and after playing a game of yes, no. Erica says yes and Joey get’s all heart broken and tells Wheels that he was right. They quickly make up and decide to go have some more band practice, because they badly need it.

I love how the grade 7’s are waiting for Stephanie right out side of the restroom. Because where else would that skank be heading? They corner her and Susie says that she’s formally protesting Joey Jeremiah being Sports Rep. Steph tries to blow them all off, but they’re not having it. They block her way inside her office and start going off about what a shitty president she is and how Joey isn’t remotely qualified for the job. She tries to get Joey to calm them all down, but then joey actually shows he has a back bone. He says that it’s a grade 7 position and that he quits. Stephanie get’s these huge bug eyes and says, “Joey!” Joey then tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend anymore and they walk off. Wheels laughing in her face. I love it.


In the rest room she says, “I just wanted everybody to like me!” She starts changing again and starts having flash backs to the first episode. She quickly realizes what a shit president she’s turned out to be. By the time she’s finished she recalls Voula telling her to fuck off and she’s in tears.


After school the grade 7’s are celebrating their victory. She actually talks to Arthur this time and asks him if he wants to walk home together. Arthur says that he likes junior high and that his first term was ok. Steph says that she’s made a lot of mistakes and that next term is going to be completely different. Declaring that she’s going to be me.


So that’s it for season 1 of Degrassi Junior High. Will she last? Will Shane and Spike stop arguing for once? Will Wheels encounter his loser dad again? Will Lucy get into even more deep shit than she’s already in? Will LD become a female? Will Kathleen stop being a bitch? Will Caitlin come out of the closet? Will Joey stop being a stupid asshole? And will we be finally rid of stupid Yick and Arthur juvenile story lines? We won’t find out until the next semester and season 2!




Season 1, Episode 12, “Parent’s Night”

Pre credit opener: Apparently it’s Wheels birthday and we hear this real boring music playing. His mom says how much better it is than the rock noise he listens to. It seems like they gave him the album to South Pacific. His dad then goes on about how Perry Como was the shit. I gotta point out, I’m assuming that these two geeks that he has for parents must had been teens during the 50’s. And if they preferred the song styling’s of Perry Como and some other dead crooner than even by 50’s standards these two were lame beyond belief. Anyways someone calls their house, Wheels answers but the breather on the other end doesn’t say shit. His mom says the same thing happened yesterday too. Hmm…


We then see Wheels talking to Alex for some reason. He’s going on about the guitar strap his parents got him for his birthday. We then notice the same gloved hand that was seen putting the phone in the cradle and out steps this Mustached dude staring at Wheels. Snake notices and gawks right at him.


Seems like the boys have started a band and Snake comes up with the name, “Snake and the Charmers.” Not too shabby of a title I have to say. But Wheels says that that asshole Joey might not like it. Snake then mentions that they gotta pick a name for when they play the talent show. Then he mentions that some perv was checking Wheels out, but no worries, if Snake see’s him again, he’ll report him. Wheel’s then see’s Joey forging his mom’s signature on his report card. Big surprise Joey is a complete idiot. He then comes up with a band name, “Joey and the Joy Buzzers.” I hate it.


We cut to Spike and the twins talking about Shane. Shane it appears has stopped talking to Spike ever since she gave him the pregnancy news. Spike says that she doesn’t want to have the baby, but also doesn’t want to have an abortion. Well, sorry Spike, it seems like you’re fucked again then!


Everyone is turning in their report cards and Raditch asks Joey what his parents thought of his lousy grades and Joey said that they didn’t give a shit. So Raditch says that he’ll see what they think when they come for Parents night. Joey being a stupid fuck completely forgot about that part.


After class Snake suggests that Joey make a fake note saying that his parents can’t make it to parents night. In back of them the twins are pestering Spike into talking to Wheels about adoption. I guess Wheels is adopted then. Love how they’re just introducing this aspect of Wheels. But goddamn the twins are so pushy they annoy the hell out of me.

Rehearsals for the school talent show is going on. Arthur and Caitlin seem to be doing a song and dance routine. Caitlin has short shorts on, a long blonde wig and a WWI style helmet while Arthur is sporting a wig that makes him look like a gay chubby Tarzan.


Back stage the guys are getting their instruments ready. Joey puts on a wig that makes him look like a jackass and Spike asks Wheels if they can talk. So they sit down and she starts asking him all sorts of questions about being adopted. Wheels really didn’t help her at all during this conversation. Only thing I can say is that he said he wasn’t pissed about being given up. It’s now time for their band to rehearse and they fucking suck ass.


Afterwards they come out of the school saying how much they kicked ass. It’s hilarious. We then see that creepy guy come out of his truck as soon as he see’s Wheels. Wheels see’s him and thinks, “oh shit, my asshole is about to become wider.” But nope, apparently this guy knows his name and then he drops the bombshell that he’s Mike Nelson, his dad. To offer more proof he starts giving him more details and even throws Wheel’s birth necklace at him. The guy just wants to talk, and if Wheels is interested to call him.



The next day Joey and Snake are still arguing about the band name. They see Wheels in class and after Joey talks about what a genius he is, they quickly notice how upset Wheels is. I’m surprised a dickhead like Joey would even notice. Wheels then tells them about meeting his real dad and Joey says how great it would be to be adopted. I swear I hate Joey so much for being a thoughtless asshole. But then Snake joins in and says that this would be a great subject for a song. Dicks!


Meanwhile Spike and the twins are going off about Shane. Basically saying what a piece of shit he is for not talking to Spike. But I’m pretty sure he can hear them because he’s only 5 feet away.

Joey convinces Wheels to call his dad. They meet up at that lame diner the kids were in in episode 3 I think it was. Anyways his dad is telling him the story of how everything came to be. He shows Wheels a pic of him as a baby and his mom. He asks his dad where she’s at and he says that he has no idea. Thanks for nothing Mike! He continues with telling him how they had him at the age of 16 and they had to give him up, even though it hurt. Yeah right. Then he says how they couldn’t take care of him because they were just kids and then he says that he’s still a kid himself. Are you fucking kidding me? He looks 40. Then he mentions that he has a band and that get’s Wheels excited so they bond over that. They then make a date to meet up tomorrow to check out his dad’s band.


Back at home Wheels is telling Joey all about his dad and how awesome he is. He invites Joey to come along to see his dad’s band rehearse. Wheel’s parents then walk in and his dad asks him if he wants to go see a band called “The Gourmet Scum” tomorrow. Wheels get’s instantly excited but then he remembers that he’s going to see his dad play instead. So he declines. Good thing too, cause I can’t imagine his super nerd of a father being at what I’m assuming was a late 80’s metal show.


Oh shit! The next day Spike is tearing Shane a new asshole.


We don’t hear all of it cause then come Joey and Snake arguing still about the band name. I just noticed that Joey is wearing the same B Cool sweater that Erica did a few episodes back. Oh God, I just showed how many times I’ve seen this show. It’s slowly killing me inside. Anyways, he see’s Wheels looking all sad and asks him what’s up. Wheels is upset because he lied to his dad. Joey not giving a shit says big deal, that they’re actually going to see a live band play. You can tell that fuckhead doesn’t give two shits about how Wheels feels.

They head over to where Wheels dad’s band is playing and in a little chalk board it says, Mike and The Drifters. Holy shit, they actually suck ass. No wonder they play little bars like that. They’re about as bad as Uncle Jessie’s band in Full House, the band members are all a bunch of old guys. If you haven’t made it now, give it up already! Anyways Mike tells everyone that Wheels is his kid and Wheels get’s all pissed off. Saying why he had to come back for and throws his birth necklace at him and storms off. I don’t know why he got pissed for. He is his kid.



Back at the Wheeler household his parents are waiting for him in the dark. I don’t know what that’s all about, but they wanna have a talk about Mike. Seems like Mike called them and apologized for upsetting Wheels. His parents seem to be real cool about Wheels being interested in his father. Wheels takes this as that they don’t want him anymore.


The next day Mr Raditch tells Joey how he called his parents about the note and that his parents are coming to parents night. I had all but forgotten about this plot point. Snake walks away laughing his ass off and we see Spike and Shane arguing some more. Geesh! This episode is all full of chaos.


Back at home Wheels asks his mom if she’s going to see them play at parents night and she says of course. Little does she know that she would be so disappointed at how shitty they are. I didn’t mention it earlier but Mike was talking about heredity. Seems like they’re both horrible musicians.

We then cut back to Mike’s shitty band playing and it seems like they’re more like a jam band. No one’s singing anything. Wheels walks in and the band stops so they can talk. Mike apologizes for disrupting everything in Wheel’s life. Wheels asks if it’s ok if they don’t see each other for a bit. Mike says sure. Yeah, like he would have stuck around anyways. Wheels says that he does wants to talk to him and then asks for his necklace back. Why Mike would have it in his pocket is beyond me. But he throws it back at him and Wheels has this goofy smile on his face.


This episode is totally setting up season 2 with the Shane and Spike saga of constant arguing. Trust me, I’m already sick of it by these first couple of arguments.


Season 1, Episode 11, “It’s Late”

So this is one of those pivotal episodes of the series that will have ramifications for years to come. Well not unless you’re one of the 100 people that have seen this show, you probably won’t give a shit.

Pre credit opener: We see Spike and Shane macking at one of Lucy’s infamous parties. Joey comes around looking like the wrestler the Brooklyn Brawler with his stupid leather cabbie’s cap on. He instantly ruins shit between Shane and Spike. She even tells him to fuck off. To escape they go into a bedroom and proceed to lay down on the bed. The twins Heather and Erica decide that it’s time to go and they ask her if she wants to come. I instantly get annoyed because one of them is banging on the fucking door like the police, yelling, “Spike!” How Shane could have porked her during that distraction is beyond me.



The next day Spike’s mom is being a major bitch going on and on about them being late. Yeah, they’re really going to push the episode title down our throats on this one. Spike of course comes in late and Raditch is going on about what classes they’re going to be choosing for high school. She notices that Shane has a shit eating grin on his face and Spike just looks away and the look of disappointment on his face is hilarious.


After class Shane asks Spike if she wants to go to another of Lucy’s parties and she goes off on him. Joey and Wheels then come up and Joey can’t resist being a nosy fuck. He wants to know what they were doing in the bedroom. Shane again get’s a, “I just got me some smile” and says, “Wouldn’t you want to know.” Joey says, “I bet they were just kissing.”


We then come by Melanie and Kathleen. Melanie’s going on about wanting to get a hickey. Kathleen being an uptight fucking prude says that “hickey’s are gross.” Melanie of course says, “Kathleen, you are such a prude!” I swear she tells her that in almost every episode they’re in. Anyways, she says hi to Arthur and the way Yick says hi, it’s pretty clear he has a thing for her. Arthur says that he should go for it.


In the restroom Joey and Wheels are still talking about whether Shane and Spike actually boned. Shane then walks in and joey being an asshole without tact asks him if they had sex or not. And if they did, how it felt like. Shane the stud says, “You guys have never done it before?” Of course they lie their asses off. Wheels then asks how come Spike hasn’t been talking to him anymore. Shane the dope thinks that Spike is just in a bad mood. Oh boy, if he only knew!

In the girls restroom the annoying twins ask Spike what bug has crawled up her ass and died. She’s been acting like a real bitch and not talking to them for a while apparently. So she tells them that she hasn’t gotten the red curse yet and that she thinks that she’s pregnant. She then tells them that she and Shane had really bad sex. She looks down all shamed faced, probably because he looks like Bill S Preston Esquire.


We then see Yick pussy out on actually talking to Melanie and Arthur tells him that he needs to take advice from him, because of the way his slutty sister is. Yick should have told him, “You couldn’t take care of a wet dream.” But of course he listens to Arthur’s useless advice.

Back in the girls laboratory, Erica says the stupidest shit ever. That one can’t get pregnant if it’s their first time. So they do a miserable job of comforting Spike. We then see Spike go into her mom’s beauty parlor. She and her client are talking about how someone they know is pregnant for the 6th time. Spike tries out Erica’s stupid theory and her mom and her friend laugh their asses of at such dumb fuckery.


The next day we see Arthur still coaching Yick and he tells him to practice the line, “Your eyes are so blue, they remind me of swimming pools.” But he says this shit with Snake and Tracy Morgan passing by and they’re all, wtf?! So they spot Melanie and Yick says the line, but he fucks it up. He says, “Your eyes are so blue, they look like pimming swoos.” Of course Melanie and Kathleen laugh their asses off. Yick then calls Arthur a “Broomhead.” Even though he’s the one that can’t talk right.


Holy shit the twins are really annoying in this episode. They keep bothering Spike about getting a home test, and going to the Dr’s, but Spike of course is scared shit less. Especially about what her mom’s going to say. Shane then asks her what the fuck her problem is, so she pulls him aside and drops the A Bomb. He just backs away and heads out the door. Kind of like when Homer Simpson backed into the shrubs and disappeared.


The next day conveniently Voula is going on about her sister’s new born baby. Showing pictures and all. I’m surprised her dad let the sister actually have sex. Anyways, Alexa says that she wants a baby and how awesome it would be to have a little human being to love you. Lucy being the constant buzz kill says what a pain in the ass it really is to take care of a baby. Shane and Spike both want to have a heart attack.


Man I swear Joey is worse than a bored house wife. He comes in the restroom and begs Shane to tell them whether  they did the nasty or not. Shane asks them what they would do if they got someone pregnant and if it was the guy’s responsibility. Joey for once showing intelligence says that it would be the guy’s problem too. Shane leaves, probably thinking, FUCK!!


Arthur’s next idea is for Yick to give Melanie some flowers. Arthur actually steals them from Ms Avery’s desk and hands it to Yick. So what does stupid Yick do next? He literally shoves them right in her face, Melanie starts sneezing like crazy because she has allergies. Kathleen tells him to fuck off and Yick once again calls Arthur a broomhead.


He tells Arthur that his stupid ideas don’t work and says that he’s just going to ask her out. He asks her out and she get’s this big goofy smile. Melanie goes on and on about the stupid horoscopes because she’s a big believer in them. She talks about some bullshit about their signs not really getting along, but she says fuck it. It is her first date with a boy after all.

Goddamn! The twins are still pestering Spike and she says that she doesn’t want to go get a fucking test. They force her to go to the supermarket and they find all sorts of different pregnancy tests. Each one taking an eternity just to give you the results. But that’s the 80’s for you!


Spike then heads home and in this scene I can just imagine that it’s starting to get cold as fuck out there. Because it just looks so dreary. Anyways she tells her mom that she’s tired and is heading to her room. Stupid Spike has the drug store bag out in the open and her mom see’s it and demands to know what it is. Why couldn’t she wait until she was in her room or bathroom? I don’t know. But of course her mom not respecting Spike’s privacy insists on seeing what it is. Spike throws the bag at her and her mom sees what it is. Both cry their asses off.


The next day, Spikes mom takes her to a clinic to get a pregnancy test. She tells her mom that she’s sorry and that she only wanted Shane to like her. She basically says how bad the sex was with him. Then Mr Wonderful comes along, her mom saying why she had to tell him for. Spike said that he should know. Shane and Spike head on inside for the results. The mom is wracked with worry. Probably because she knows that she’ll have to take care of that kid too.


In contrast to Spike and Shane, we then cut to Yick and Melanie’s date. They’re just having a great grand innocent time ice skating. Melanie falls on her ass. Probably because of her mushroom head.


So then Spike and Shane come out and they tell her mom the good news. She’s pregnant! Her mom breaks down crying. You can tell that Shane wants to run for the hills but he can’t.


Back at school Shane and Spike have a talk in the darkened stair way. Spike lays the blame on Shane, Shane tells her to fuck off and that she could have stopped him. He then asks if she wants him to marry her. She ignores his stupid question and wonders if she could adopt or have an abortion. Shane doesn’t want her to have an abortion. Then she goes off saying that she doesn’t want to have a baby or an abortion. That she’s just a kid. She’s all, “oh woe is me!” Then says that it was just a little mistake and Shane says, “More like a big mistake.”


Well there you have it, the pregnancy episode. I was just thinking about when I was Shane’s age. All I had on my mind was hanging out in the arcades and playing Nintendo at home. But Shane was all about the pussy and see where it got him? Let that be a lesson to all of you out there!


Season 1, Episode 10, “Smokescreen”

In this episode Degrassi Junior High attempts to go green.

Pre credit opener: Right from the get go Kathleen annoys the shit out of me just by looking at her sour looking face. Apparently Kathleen, Caitlin and Susie are part of an environmental club at the school and they want people to sign a petition about pollution but no one gives a shit. Rick walks in and Kathleen just has to say something shitty about him. He signs the stupid petition because it’s obvious he likes Caitlin. Susie tells Caitlin to just admit that she has a thing for him, then she goes on about how much of a hot piece Rick is. Kathleen has to add that he’s as dumb as a post. I swear, what is it with this fucking chick where everything she says has to be hateful and hostile?


In Ms Avery’s class Susie seems to be giving an oral report about someone in her family or some shit like that. She says that her uncle is an astronaut. Even as I’m watching this I’m thinking, “What a bunch of fucking bullshit.” After a round of applause Ms Avery says that Yick is on deck for his report and he clearly looks nervous as hell. Why? We’ll find out in a few. Meanwhile Ms Avery asks Rick about his report and he said that he didn’t do it. She warns him about being a dumbass and that if he’s not careful he can repeat the grade yet again. He goes out super pissed and hits a locker. Scaring the shit out of Arthur.


He asks Yick if he wants to play some basketball and surprisingly Yick says that he has to do research about his family project. Arthur says that there’s no need for research and Yick says that no one would be interested in hearing about a bunch of poor ass refugee’s and having a shitload of people living in one house. So basically the asshole is ashamed of where he comes from. Be proud Yick!


We then see Rick smoking in the bathroom like the badass that he is and Shane walks in. He immediately sounds like a PSA. Warning Rick about the dangers of smoking. Rick tells him to please shut the fuck up and then asks him for advice on how to get with Caitlin. Shane suggests joining the Environmental Action Committee. Rick goes to the meeting in this little garbage strewned room and says that he’d like to join. Kathleen being a shithead asks him what he knows about the environment. He says, “I live in it.” Caitlin and the others argue to let him in and Kathleen agrees. It’s pretty clear that nothing ever happens in this lousy committee.


I wanna point out real fast the sweet posters of Sting and Tina Turner on the walls behind Kathleen and Trish.


Afterwords Kathleen starts bitching to Caitlin about letting Rick into the committee and starts going on about what a piece of shit Rick seems to be. Caitlin says that he deserves a chance and that she’s going to give it to him.

We then see Yick walking by and he stops by a store front and see’s a cheap knockoff Chinese looking vase for $4.99. You already know that this isn’t going to go well. The next day he tells Arthur that his vase has been in his family for thousands of years and Arthur being a complete fucking idiot totally believes him. Arthur suggests having it appraised and Yick tells him, “No thanks.”


Caitlin informs Rick that she’s going to give an annoucment the next day and asks if he wants to help. He says sure. Back in Ms Avery’s, Yick and Arthur are planning on hanging out, but they each have their own shit to do first. Yick has to return some books and Arthur has to change a sign in the class room. He moves the desk where Yick left his stuff and sure enough, he knocks everything down and breaks the vase. He’s in deep shit now, or so he thinks. He leaves Yick a message on the board about getting the vase appraised and now Yick thinks he’s fucked too.


Meanwhile it’s obvious they filmed in a completely different area, there seems to be some sort of factory near the school polluting everything. The magic of editing baby! Rick starts going on about how when he lived with his dad there was a similar place making everything stink to high heaven and since it would get hot, he couldn’t open the window because of the smell of death. Caitlin says that he should have used an air purifier. Rick says that they’re hella poor and couldn’t afford something stupid like that.


Back at Caitlin’s. It’s pretty obvious that Caitlin comes from an upper middle class family. Seems like both her parents are teachers, her mother being an assistant principal. Rick says that he doesn’t talk to his dad anymore but that his brother Frank is a bartender. No wonder he didn’t want to do the family report. Anyways. They start going over the announcement and what Caitlin come’s up with is pretty boring as hell. Rick then says that he has an idea.


And here we go with one of the most unintentionally funny scenes from the entire series. They ask Doris Bell if they can use the mike to make the announcement, Rick then busts out this old ass boom box and plays a tape where a late 80’s rap beat comes on. Caitlin starts rapping about the environment and the entire school loves it. Joey starts moving his head like he wants to break dance. Nothing funnier than seeing a rich white girl rapping about the environment. But apparently it works, kids are lining up in droves to sign the petition.


Back at the meeting. They start things off and the first thing on the agenda is picking out their actual fucking name. No wonder nothing ever happens. They wanna talk about the petition and taking it to the factory. But Kathleen being a jealous bitch wants nothing from it and for once is actually right. She says, “No one’s going to pay attention about a petition from a bunch of kids.” But Rick and the girls insist.


After school at Caitlin’s, she asks Susie what she really thinks of Rick and Susie points out how Caitlin is acting like a crusader towards him. Just because he’s poor as hell. Back at Arthur’s darkened sex dungeon of a room, he’s trying to glue back Yicks vase together and is doing a fairly mediocre job at it too.


The next day on their lunch break, Rick, Caitlin and Susie take the petition to the factory. How they could leave campus like that is beyond me, but ok, they left. Caitlin wants to pussy out and Rick tells them to bring their asses inside. After waiting forever this guy from the place comes around and basically gives them the run around. Saying they haven’t gotten a complaint. Rick showing major attitude, get’s in his face and tells him that this is a complaint.


The guy takes the petition and thanks them for bringing it to them and then leaves. Pretty obvious the petition went straight into the trash. They leave and Rick is fucking livid. Stupid Caitlin says, “At least he’s going to give it to the president.” Rick points out how naive the both of them are, then leaves and kicks a can in anger.


Kathleen walks out of the local neighborhood De Grassi Market and see’s Rick all pissed off smoking a cigarette. She looks at the smoke stacks in the distance and get’s a smile which only says that she has evil intentions.


The next day that shithead Kathleen starts the meeting off by saying they need to talk about Rick being a part of the club since she saw him smoking. Everyone is shocked, mostly Caitlin. Kathleen says that he needs to go since he’s a polluter too. Rick get’s instantly pissed and points out how nothing ever happens and that they’re all talk. He storms out and starts beating the shit out of various lockers.


After the meeting Rick is waiting for Caitlin and tries to talk to her but she acts like an asshole and tells him to stay away from her. That she stood up for him and helped him. He’s all, “bitch please!” “I helped you.” Then points out how he came up with the stupid rap, and the fact that they went to the factory and made her timid ass go up there. Then he says that he may not be rich like her and that he only joined the stupid committee because he liked her and not because he need her help. Yeah right on Rick! You tell her!


The next day Arthur shows Yick the busted vase and Arthur says that Yick should just give his story to the class. He does. Apparently they were boat people and they were escaping from Vietnam I’m guessing. After many struggles they made it and everyone in the class loved it, the end! Arthur then gives Yick a wad of cash and offers to pay for the fucking thing for life. Yick says that he bought it cheap and gives Arthur the money back. I would have kept it because Arthur is such a gullible moron.


Caitlin’s looking at Rick all sad and Kathleen comes up to her and says that Rick wasn’t the right person to be in their stupid club. Caitlin finally get’s fed up and calls Kathleen a jerk. She should have called her a fucking cunt.

After school Caitlin comes up to Rick and apologizes for being a judgmental asshole and I love how he says, “yeah, yeah.” She then says that the factory pretty much ignored their dumb petition and Rick comes up with another idea of letting the local paper know how the factory ignored a bunch of Junior High kids. Caitlin says that he’s brilliant and kisses him on the cheek.



He shushes her and say that he does have a reputation. Apparently he likes it that people think he’s a fuck up.

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Season 1, Episode 9, “What A Night”

This is a Degrassi Junior High special moment for me. This is the first episode that I ever saw of the series. Needless to say it hooked my young teenage self. Probably because I have a thing for nerdy girls and I got an instant crush on Voula. So I had to keep watching.

Pre credit opener: Lucy’s in a department store shopping. We pretty much know what’s going to happen in this episode because we see a huge sign that says, “Shoplifters will be prosecuted.” And sure enough, Lucy looking suspicious as hell looks around a few times and then puts an ugly ass scarf into her huge bag and just walks away. For shame! For shame I tells ya!


In class Raditch is boring everyone to death and the bell rings and Stephanie Kaye is ready to change her tampon but Raditch tells her to sit her ass down. Reminds me of an asshole teacher in high school who would tell us that he dismisses us, not the bell. Fuck you Mr Sears!! Anyways Raditch goes on about something and then dismisses the class but asks Lucy to stay behind. Probably to talk to her about her horrible oufit. But no he tells her that she’s doing badly in most of her classes and if she wants to talk, that that’s what he’s there for. She has a real shitty attitude and says that everything is fine.


Meanwhile Stephanie Kaye is going on about watching some soap opera because she’s in lust with a soap star named Damon King. They watch the show in the library while the librarian is taking a shit. All the girls are watching dreamily, but why is Wai Li? Maybe he got into the story. Joey and Wheels are acting like couple of immature assholes making fun of the stupid soap while Stephanie and the twins tell them to shut the fuck up.


Steph then comes up with a scheme of meeting Damon King at a bookstore signing the next day and asks the twins if they wanna come along and see her use her skank skills in action. They agree to go. I gotta say, her missing fang is so prominent here.


Voula being nosy as hell wants to know what Raditch wanted and asks Lucy what’s up. Lucy informs her of her horrible marks and Voula offers to help her out, but Lucy blows her off saying saying that she’s going to become a dancer so who cares. Voula sensing that Lucy is delusional insists on helping her out.


Back at Lucy’s we see the girls practicing their spelling. Lucy getting the word “corroborate” wrong. Lucy get’s a phone call and it’s pretty clear that her parents are never around. She get’s sad and instead of studying she just wants to fuck around and play dress up with Voula. She dresses her up in leopard tights and a tank top. I gotta say, it’s a vast improvement over her usual wardrobe, which is horrendous. I love how Voula says that her parents won’t let her dress sophisticated. Lucy mentions how her parents are always working and they buy her whatever she wants.


Lucy shows what a lonely clinger she is because Voula makes several attempts to leave but Lucy keeps asking her to stay for dinner. Finally Voula get’s away, but not before Lucy let’s Voula borrow the scarf that she stole from the store.  Her mom then calls her back and says that both she and her dad won’t be home for supper again. Lucy has a lone tear on her cheek due to extreme boredom.


The next day they’re taking their spelling test and oh boy it brought up bad memories of when I needed to do this shit. Lucy thinks she did well thanks to that nerd Voula. School is finally out and Stephanie is a horny nervous wreak and can’t wait to meet Damon King. We then cut to a cheap looking poster for Damon King’s confessional, “King of Hearts” What a cheesy title.

There’s a long line of horny bored house wives and what the fuck. I swear I just saw a lady with an eye patch. Anyways, Stephanie finally meets him and catches the eye of this pervy star. You can tell he’s picturing her naked. She asks him for an autograph. He actually asks for her age and she tells him that she’s 16. That lying little hussy! He then tells her about his policy about everyone getting a kiss. Then she see’s that he actually wrote down his phone number and gives her the creepiest wink in the history of ever!



In class Raditch is giving out the grades for the spelling test and humiliates Joey Jeremiah by pointing out what a dumb fuck he is. It turns out that Lucy did really well thanks to Voula. Class is dismissed and Raditch hauls ass out of there. Probably wants to bang Ms Avery in a bad way. The girls all make their plans. Lucy plans on taking Voula “shopping” and Stephanie Kaye decides to call Damon King for a “date”. Heather the prude is still arguing that Steph is a fool for wanting to go. Erica is just imagining Steph going down on the guy.


Lucy and Voula seem to be shopping at the same place where Lucy was stealing from earlier. Voula’s going on about an Erasure cassette tape and while she’s doing that Lucy is stealing like crazy. Including stuffing some cheap looking beads in her purse. Why she would want that, I have no idea.


It’s pretty obvious that they’re being tailed while they’re looking at sweaters. Voula takes a liking to an ugly Cosby like sweater so Lucy finds one in her size and steals it too. They argue about putting it back and as they’re walking away the lady that was following them busts out this ancient looking walkie talkie. Even extending the antenna. It’s hilarious how huge it is.


Lucy’s basically the world’s worst shoplifter. As they try to leave there’s a security guard waiting for them at the top of the escalator. They turn around to run back the other way, but look who it is! The east Indian nerdy looking chick from back in the hospital is blocking the exit. Looking all defiant like, “try it you shoplifting bitches.” So they have no choice but to surrender. If I was in that situation I would have ran over that nerd and take off running out of the store. Just saying.


Meanwhile Stephanie is waiting for Damon King and holy shit. She totally looks like an 80’s era prostitute. Finally Damon King comes in a rented Corvette I’m guessing and picks her up for a night of “fun”.


Back at the store, the nerdy security guard is lecturing the girls about shop lifting and how it drives up the prices in the store. Lucy not giving a fuck rolls her eyes and the nerd tells her that she won’t be acting like an asshole once the police arrive. Voula pisses herself at the thought. Just seconds after telling Voula that she’s never been caught before, an officer who looks like he’s from the Salvation Army arrives and recognizes Lucy. Proving what a lying, shoplifting sack of shit Lucy is. So off to the station they go.


Surprise, surprise. Damon King takes Stephanie to a cheap motel because he probably wants to fuck her brains out. Stupid Stephanie actually thought that he was going to take her to a studio to see Alf filming. She get’s all scared and Damon King says, “Come on Steph.” “You know what this is all about.” She panics and runs out of the car. Damon comes out and acting like a date rapist insists that she comes with him. She blurts out that she lied about her age and how she’s really 14. He get’s into his car and peels the fuck out of there.


Steph then calls her mom. She’s all, “mommy” Then crying all her make up off explains what a stupid fucking thing she did and that she’s at motel. How her mom didn’t kick her ass after that is beyond me.


Back at the station Voula is super pissed at Lucy for getting her into deep shit. Then we see the fucking Count arrive with Voula’s mom and holy shit. Voula is so dead. There are thunderclouds in both their eyes. The officer tells Lucy that they can’t find her absentee parents and that this time they’re going to have to charge her sticky finger ass. So they’re both fucked here.


The next day Steph is telling the twins all about her magical night with Damon King. She’s basically blaming him for her being a liar and dressing like a hoe. Even though the motherfucker was really aggressive. Turns out for once that Stephanie actually learned a lesson.

Lucy talks to Voula and Voula says that she’s not allowed to talk to Lucy anymore and Lucy tells her how she has to go to court and that her parents told her what a rotten spoiled child she is for doing that. Voula not giving a fuck about what her parents told her asks Lucy if she wants any help with her school work and Lucy flashes a smile filled with a bunch of metal in her mouth.


Season 1, Episode 8, “Nothing To Fear”

Pre credit opener: Oh man, so the first thing we hear is country music blasting out of LD’s dad’s auto garage. LD comes out in her best Peppermint Patty outfit yet. Her dad goes off on her for being such a dude and then tells her to get her ass to school. LD mutters, “fuck off and die!” And what happens? That’s right, he has a heart attack because of his butch daughter wishing him dead.


In Ms Avery’s class she gives out an assignment about mapping out the area around the school, but who cares. This is the episode where we’re formally introduced to the immortal Christine “Spike” Nelson. One of the more interesting characters on the show. Anyways LD, Spike and Voula are in the same surveyor team and she bitches to them how her dad wishes that she was more of a female. They sympathize with her and then say that they’ll wait for her after school to continue the project and she says, “I gueth.”


We cut to Melanie and it appears that she still likes Snake. Speaking of Snakes it appears that those two dipshits Yick and Arthur let the class serpent Amadeus get out of it’s tank, because Susie is chewing their ass’s out. Melanie get’s freaked out and hilarity will ensue with her fear of snakes. Too bad we have to put up with another Yick and Arthur subplot though.


LD get’s home and her dad’s assistant mechanic Jeff informs her that her dad has had a heart attack and that he’s at the hospital. You would have thought that someone would have informed her at school and pulled her out for the day. But I guess no one cared. Spike and Voula are still waiting for her at the school and Spike mentions what a lazy worthless person LD is because she did a science project with LD once and Spike ended up doing all the work.


Meanwhile LD’s packing up her dad’s shit and we hear this poor audio of apparently her when she was a little kid and is asking her dad what’s going on with her mom. So the girls call for LD and she says that she can’t make it. Spike get’s pissed. LD refuses to go to the hospital with Jeff. So she gives him her dad’s shit and says that she’s going to clean the kitchen.


Next day at school Melanie comes in with these Ronald McDonald boots that are taped off all the way to her chins it looks like.


Resident Degrassi Junior High nerd Alex Yankou asks her what’s with the stupid boots and she mentions how she’s terrified by snakes. So he makes this creepy grin, so now we all know he has evil intentions. Even Snake mentions the boots, but compliments her instead.


In the girls gym class LD mentions how the gym is the most comfortable place in the school. Which says a lot about her. Anyways Spike starts bitching at her over the stupid project and LD tells her that her dad is fucking dying and Spike immediately apologizes. She and Voula say that they’ll cover for her on the project. LD’s like, “whatever betch.”


After school all the Degrassi Junior High kids are giving LD their sympathies. Even Joey and Tracy Morgan.


Back at the garage LD is asking Jeff about living alone. And he says, “Sleep all day, party all night. It’s fun to be a vampire.” Oh no, that’s the tag line to The Lost Boys. Anyways, he says that it’s alright, no one fucks with you, but you do get lonely at times.


LD then goes to the hospital petrified because Jeff can’t go with her. Joey’s dad want’s his car back pronto. Again we hear really shitty audio of LD speaking to her dad about her mom being sick. She pussies out and just leaves the flowers she got her dad and hauls ass out of there. I love how she makes it all about herself. She calls her dad from a phone booth and her dad still bitches to her about wanting the house clean. It’s hilarious.


By the way, the still of this scene on the back of the box of the dvd set makes me laugh because she looks like the goddamn Tallman from the Phantasm movies. Yikes!

Another thing I noticed, this nerdy chick here in the wheel chair. You’ll see her a couple of times in other episodes. She was department store nerd security guard and I think she was also nerdy supermarket employee. I guess I just showed how many times I’ve watched this damn show. Sad really.


Back to Arthur and Yick’s stupid search for the snake. Arthur comes up with the brilliant idea of putting a cardboard box with a snake drawn on it in the school boiler room to catch it. Predictably it doesn’t work and someone puts a rubber one under it.


Alex then decides to fuck with Melanie by putting a rubber snake over her locker to scare the shit out of her. She yells out, “Snake!” And Snake is all, “yeah?” Melanie bangs her mushroom head against the locker in humiliation.


In class Voula starts going on about how her superstitious grandma believes about knowing someone’s health by just looking at their eyes. For some reason LD takes it to heart and get’s more freaked out. She should have used common sense and some logic to realize that Voula’s grandma is an old fool that still believes in stupid bullshit.


Spike and Voula go to visit LD’s dad for some reason and he tells them that she hasn’t come to visit him once. So they know that something is up with their lispy dude of a friend.


LD’s alone in the school gym and Voula somehow manages to find her. They have a heart to heart and LD finally reveals that her mom is a corpse now and she thinks she somehow did it by simply going there. Then she says that her dad doesn’t want her there anyways because he doesn’t like her being a tomboy.


Melanie finally finds the stupid snake. Looks like it was in someone’s bowling ball bag the whole time. She then says that it’s not slimy and it’s kind of cute. Man she sure got over her fear fast. Arthur then holds the snake up to Alex. It looks like he was going to shove it up Alex’s huge nostrils and Alex flees the scene terrified.


LD finally mans up and goes to the goddamn hospital. We hear some more poor echo sounding audio. By the time she get’s to her dad’s room it seems like LD’s mother has died in her voice over flashback. Way to go LD! The room meanwhile is empty. She’s probably thinking that he’s dead too. Turns out that he’s been discharged already. He says that he loves her as she is and to prove it, puts her Elmer Fudd hat on her head and they walk away.

I guess this whole episode was about confronting your fears. But the whole B plot was boring as hell. So much so that I said, “I don’t have time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit!”


Season 1, Episode 7, “The Best Laid Plans”

This is another classic episode, and we finally get a decent Yick, Arthur plot.

Pre credit opener: Right away Joey annoys me by telling Stephanie Kaye that he’s, “Joey D Jeremiah” “D for doctor” If he was clever he would have said that the D is for dick because that’s right, this episode is about SEX! Stephanie of course has nothing but lusty eyes for Wheels. Joey can’t take a hint and just lingers while Steph wants to talk to Wheels, she finally tells him to fuck off. Steph asks Wheels out to a movie and he says yes. As they’re both walking away they say, “Fuck yeah! I’m about to get me some hot grade 8 poon/dick.”


We then see Joey stalking Wheels and having no life of his own, wants to know what Stephanie wanted. Wheels informs him that she asked him out and that Stephanie likes him, not Joey’s corny ass. So he get’s down, but then talks to Shane and the chubby Asian kid about Wheels going out with Steph. Shane declaring what a hot piece of ass she is. Kathleen and Melanie hear this and laugh with delight.


Steph goes to where else? The restroom. She see’s Voula and can’t contain her joy. She tells Voula all about making a date with Wheels. Jesus Christ! Voula is still angry and bitter about what Stephanie did to her back in the first episode of the show. No one even cares about that stupid bullshit anymore. Any who. The annoying twins walk into her shitty smelling office and ask her how it went with Wheels the stud. Basically Steph wants to tear him apart sexually.


We then see Yick leading Arthur to his locker and busts out an ancient artifact. A VHS tape. But this is no ordinary tape. It’s a porno movie called “Swamp Sex Robots” Arthur says, “This is pornography!” And this is the moment that I finally realized what a square fucking nerd Arthur is. And he’s not a bad guy. He’s not an asshole or a bully. But he’s just so lame that he sickens me. Getting back to the story, Yick stole it from his older brother Long Duk Dong and they make plans to watch it at Arthur’s mom’s house.


Back in Stephanie’s shit box, the twins are asking Stephanie what her mom’s going to think about her dressing like a super skank for the date. I gotta point out. She looks way better here than when she applies all the garish make up and makes her hair look poofy as hell.


Turns out Steph’s mom is a pharmacist and Steph over hears at her mom’s work that her mom has a date, conveniently on Friday.

The next day at school Arthur and Yick are still conspiring about watching the porno because at this point they have the worst blue balls in the history of ever! So Arthur dares to talk to Steph and after she acts like a bitch towards him, he asks her if she or her mom will be home on Friday. Steph says that they both have dates and Arthur’s super excited. Now he and Yick can jerk each other off without fears of being caught.


In the Degrassi Junior High library Steph is talking to the annoying twins and the slutty one of the two asks her what she’s going to do if Wheels tries something. Steph says that she’s totally open to a finger bang while watching the movie. Shane and Kim Jung Ill look alike Wai Li are beside themselves and immediately report back to Wheels in the rest room that he’s guaranteed to have some hot sex with Stephanie Kaye.


Joey being a jealous asshole leaves in a huff. Wai Li and Shane then say, “All the way with Stephanie Kaye!” Oh and Arthur must have been taking a giant shit, because he hears everything.


Back in class Steph passes Wheels a note. Voula and Joey both notice while Shane and Wai Li spread the rumor that it’s imminent Wheels and Steph are going to fuck. Heather the prude twin suggests that Steph cancel the date. But Steph says that sex is no big deal. Voula then comes by and calls Stephanie the “school sleeze” I have to admit, I laughed cause she called it as she saw it. Anyways they all get pissed at her and Voula frowns, knowing that she showed no tact by being a grudge holding bitch once again.


Kathleen then passes judgement on Stephanie by saying that sex before marriage is wrong and that’s how she’s planning to do it. Melanie then gives her the zinger, “who would be stupid enough to marry you?” BURN BITCH!


Oh man, we then go to the heart to heart scene between Wheels and his nerdy Woody Allen looking dad. Wheels asks him when he lost his virginity and his dad says that he lost it at a lot older age than him. I’m guessing he was about 30. Anyways he says that sex is complicated and basically it’s no fun at all. Is he out of his fucking mind?! He must have a horrible sex life. This whole scene was hard to hear by the way because of all the traffic on the highway 30 feet away from them.


Steph basically has the same talk with her mother during dinner. She looks so innocent in her teddy bear sweater. Her mom decides that they should have the talk. But Steph declares that she’s not a little kid anymore, and then she takes a giant gulp of milk with a milk mustache and all.


Finally it’s Friday and Joey asks Wheels if he has any condoms, embarrassing Wheels because you know how kids are. I wish Wheels would have bitch slapped him there.


Voula hears all this and rushes to see Stephanie in where else? The goddamn restroom again! Voula then asks if she’s really going to ride Wheel’s dick and Stephanie says the typical dumb girl response. “I want him to like me.” Voula finally get’s over their stupid bullshit and apologizes for being a thundercunt this whole time.


After school Wheels and Joey go to the pharmacy to get some condoms. Joey saying that all the guys are counting on Wheels and to not let them down. What a bunch of horny losers. So Joey asks the pharmacist for some service and then does a real asshole move and ditches Wheels. That motherfucker, I swear!


And holy shit, it’s Stephanie’s mom. She rings him up and see’s that he’s barely gotten some hair on his balls, gives him a pamphlet about safe sex and STD’s.


Meanwhile the gruesome twosome of Yick and Arthur are now making final plans to watch the porno but now Yick has invited a couple of more horny assholes to watch their feature presentation of “Swamp Sex Robots”. Yick is so happy he actually does a jump of joy as he walks away.


Arthur goes to his mom’s and Stephanie’s house to fire up the VCR but Steph is in the room. He tells her that he doesn’t like that the boys all think that she’s a big hoe. But she tells him to shut the fuck up. Dinner time then comes along and their mom wants to talk to the both of them about sex. Arthur says, “Don’t worry mom.” “I’m not sexually active.” And he never was throughout the run of the series!


So finally it’s date time. Except Stephanie’s mom is taking a fucking Eon just getting ready. Meanwhile Steph has the sluttiest, most whoreish outfit ever! A tiny tube top and spandex that are so tight it leaves nothing to the imagination.


Now her mom’s date is taking forever but he arrives just as Wheel get’s there with a dorky I’m going to get some grin, a bouquet and a raging hard on. Steph’s mom recognizes who Wheels is from before and that’s pretty much it for their night. If I was Wheels I would have screamed and then take off running. But then she see’s Stephanie’s clothes and then tells Wheels horny ass to get inside and prepares to lecture the both of them.


But it’s not over yet. Yick and his nerdy crew show up and Alex Yankou’s dorky hard up ass says, “We wanna see the porno!” Arthur slams the door shut, so now he’s fucked.


The following Monday we see Stephanie talking to Voula and filling her in on what happened. She got grounded for 2 weeks and can’t go anywhere, not even to Voula’s. So you know it’s bad when she can’t even hang out with her square ass. But we see that Steph is sort of relieved that she didn’t have to do the nasty with Wheels.


Joey then comes around and wants to know all the horny details so he can store it in his head and jack off about it later. But Wheels tells him nothing happened and to mind his fucking business. Joey for once takes the hint and then asks Wheels if he can ask Stephanie out. This asshole is unbelievable. But Wheels knowing that Joey has no chance in hell in getting in her pants says yes.


Voula with the final words of this episode asks Stephanie if she really was going to do anything with Wheels and Stephanie gives a, I would have fucked his brains out smile at her.