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Top Five Annoying Arthur Moments


So today is two years that I’ve started this crazy blog and I thought that I’d make a short Arthur list. Since he is the character that I hate the most.

#5 Arthur tries to get with Caitlin.

I’m just going to say that Arthur is the anti-poon and is probably the most unfuckable guy besides Alex on the show. So it comes to no one’s surprise that Caitlin turned his ass down when he asked her out on a date. Who can remember his sick demented dreams that he was having about her. Thank God they never showed them kissing, that just goes against the laws of nature. But good thing he had his night time dream rag next to his bed so he could finish is business. The result of all this is that Arthur gets his heartbroken because she was hooking up with Claude at this point. Serves him right for trying to bag a babe like Caitlin. Stick to your hand asshole.

arthur caitlin

#4 Arthur brings his dog to school.

Another example of why I hated Arthur, his stupid juvenile story lines and this one was no different. Arthur found a stray dog, named him Phil and brought him to school. Of course the dog smelled like Arthur’s sweaty balls and he got caught because he brought him to class, inside his gym bag. You know, instead of just leaving him at his house. The result was that he got sent home from school for being a stupid fuck. I really do think Arthur should have gotten neutered instead of Phil so that he could not contaminate the world with his offspring. But who am I kidding? Arthur couldn’t get pussy, even if he walked into a female prison with pardons.

Arthur Phil

#3 Arthur plays detective.

And he’s the worst detective in the history of ever. Rick, Degrassi’s resident bad boy buys a shit load of licorice for some insane reason and Arthur assumes that it’s because of the 20 dollars that Yick lost. But of course being a fucking imbecile he should have realized that Yick just lost it in his locker because Yick is a gross motherfucker and a slob. I wished with all my might that Rick would have murdered him in this episode for accusing him of stealing, but once again Degrassi just played with my heart.


#2 Arthur Tries to give Yick a beret.

This was the very first episode of Degrassi High and Arthur made a huge impression and by that I mean that this was the point where Arthur really ballooned up like Marlon Brando and was wearing shirts that were too tight and tucked in. So not only did he act like a dipshit, he started to dress like one as well. He came back from France and was insulted by Yick because he refused to wear the goofy looking beret that Arthur wanted to give him. I can’t believe he couldn’t tell that it looked  Godawful on him, with his Lionel Ritchie style mullet that he had. This was really the point where Yick started to move away from Arthur because he was such a grade A loser.

arthur beret

#1 Arthur cock blocks his dad.

How selfish could he have been then in this episode? He totally fucked his dad over because he was too busy banging his girlfriend Carol. Arthur didn’t appreciate his dad not spending time with him watching Space Cadets and going to dumb ass joke shops. So at parents night Arthur decides to act like a dick and points out that Carol shouldn’t be there because she isn’t his mom. He’s is all too glad that he broke up his father’s relationship. Even saying that he doesn’t need her because his dad has Arthur for a companion. His dad probably cried himself to sleep that night because he was getting some on the regular and his asshole son ruined everything. Thus proving to the world at large that Arthur is a life ruining idiot. This really was the first time where I condoned his murder.

arthur cockblocker

So there you have it. The most half assed list I’ve ever done, and it’s testament to Arthur, because who the fuck wants to reminiscence about him? But again, thanks to you readers who come by every day to read random episode reviews.


Author: Degrassi Guy

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the Degrassi Universe in the far side of interwebs. For all ten of you who are reading this, welcome! Degrassi Junior High/High was a show produced in Canada that showed the trials and tribulations of every day students. This show tackled everything and I mean everything. From alcoholism, depression, pedophiles, bullies, eating disorders, hitchhiking, death of parents, adoption, teen pregnancy, hiding other products to get condoms so no one will notice. To pornography, suicide, getting the smack down from your mustached boyfriend and getting the guts to get away from him. If I missed anything, trust me. Degrassi didn't. Degrassi was pretty much as real as it got. Especially back when I first started seeing it. Saved by the Bell it was not. You never saw Zack Morris smoking weed, getting Kelly Kapowski pregnant or AC Slater giving Jessie a good beating when she sassed him. So sit back and get ready to reacquaint yourself with the beginning of the Degrassi Universe. For those of you who are new, you don't know what you're in for. But that's a good thing. This is Degrassi Junior High/High seen through my eyes. Basically what I loved and hated. Some of you may disagree with what I think, but that's ok. Mostly though, after all these years later. I still love this cheesy show.

4 thoughts on “Top Five Annoying Arthur Moments

  1. I think Arthur is actually more unfuckable than Alex. Don’t get me wrong, Alex is disgusting, but Alex was able to at least get Tessa. Did Arthur EVER even kiss anyone? (Seriously, I can’t remember, but I don’t think he did). Even fucking Toby had a girlfriend on TNG. Arthur is the pariah of the Degrassi Universe.

    P.S. For a so-called half assed list, this was hilarious!

    • LOL! Thanks. And no, from what I can remember, Arthur never had a girlfriend, let alone kiss anyone. Shit, you are so right with even Toby having someone. Arthur easily wins most unfuckable guy in the Degrassi universe.

  2. Arthur was the best! I disagree with all of you

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