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Top Ten Degrassi Junior High/High Background Characters


So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Honestly it’s because I don’t know what else to talk about and then it hit me. How about an entry about the people who never got a starring role in any of the episodes and were mostly just back ground characters or were people who just had a few lines and then got the boot.

So without further ado, here’s the top ten Degrassi background characters. It’s hilarious that I had to google a few of these character names even though I’ve seen the entire series a few times already.

#10. Israeli Kid Aka Mahmoud

So going by the name I just found I’m guessing that he’s not even remotely Jewish. He had the distinction of getting a couple of lines through out the series. Basically he was a big nerd who was seen hanging out with Arthur and Alex. He tried to make himself sound cool by I believe wanting to go by the name of Mack. Get the fuck out of here with that. Anyways he made it into Arthur’s demented dream when he helped restrain Joey from beating Arthur’s ass. Other than that, he was mostly Alex and Arthur’s flunky, which is sad if you think about it. Loyal Degrassi reader Broomheadz pointed out that he was always seen wearing short shorts which would make that another Israeli Kid characteristic. Be sure to check out her awesome Degrassi blog

Degrassi Mahmoud

#9. Mark

Mark is another well known background character that had a few lines and actually was seen going out with Degrassi hottie Amy for about five seconds. Other than that, he was mostly hanging out with Tracy and told LD that he didn’t want to share his feelings after Wheel’s parents were unceremoniously taken out by a lousy drunk driver. You could also see him reacting to Yick and Arthur smoking in the boys restroom and told Joey that Snake hadn’t been seen since they found Claude’s festering headless corpse in the Degrassi High shitter. I’m pretty sure he kept the same hair style through out the shows run. Sad that I would even notice such a thing.

Degrassi Mark

#8. Max

Hmm, even though he had a lot of lines in the episode where he and Scooter wanted to take up smoking I still consider him a background character. Because after that he was never given another line again. Probably had a lot to do with the shitty acting that he did in that episode. So the producers must have told him, “We gave you a shot and you blew it.” Seriously after that he was just background filler. Poor kid. In fact I don’t remember seeing him in Degrassi High. I may be wrong though.

Degrassi Max

#7. Vicky Friedland

Now this chick was seen through out the show as well but I don’t think she ever had any lines at all. She would only react and react she did when she first saw Mr Colby. Going by her reaction his Cosby sweater sent her hormones into overdrive. Besides that, you would just see her walking around in the halls or just be a part of the class room. I bet she has a lot of juicy Degrassi background stories to tell though. She just seems the type.

Degrassi Vicky

#6. The Asian grandma. Vivian Wong

I never knew her name until now. She was always seen in the background in the hallway or just being the extra who just happened to be sitting in front of one of the main cast members. Other appearances was when she got her pic taken for picture day, that was actually the origin of the name Asian grandma. She was one of the few extra’s who was lucky enough to get a few lines here and there. Actually I think her one line was asking Melanie a really tough history question for a test. Way to aim high Vivian Wong!

Degrassi Vivian Wong

#5. Gay Asian Kid

This chubby dude was mostly seen in Degrassi High and was also a background bit player. He was the one who took Claude to the nurses office after Caitlin annihilated his nose with a light slap to the face. I think he had a line when he and Snake made a date with Tracy to go see the Pogues. Other than that, he was just blessed to be around the presence of the main Degrassi cast. Just look at this pic, he was born to be a background player.

Degrassi Gay Asian Kid

#4. The Long Haired Guy

Yup, this guy was always seen hanging out with Degrassi High stud Dale and never had a line as well. His only thing was that we got to hear his very stoner laugh when Snake pointed out to everyone in Spike’s fucked up fantasy that she wanted him to ask her out to the formal. You can tell that if he had a story line it would involve him getting high in the school parking lot.

Long Haired Guy

#3. Chinese Kid Aka Wai Li

Poor Wai Li I think he was a part of the season 3 purges that the producers made on cutting a lot of characters and actors out of the show. His claim to fame is participating in the battle of the sexes swim competition where he showed his very flabby body. Actually a lot of the background players were featured big time in this episode as they cheered their respective sexes. His other big moment was when he nervously gave his speech about watching TV and telling Snake while playing soccer, “No problem, no problem.” The last thing I remember of him is hearing him tell some girl during the graduation dance that he doesn’t like to dance because he hates music. It just occured to me to assume that he burned to death in the fire that happened and that’s why we haven’t seen him since.

Degrassi Wai Li

#2. Joy Saint-Jean

The resident black chick of Degrassi. She was practically seen in every episode of the series. Mostly she’d just sit at the back of the room and would always be the first one out of the room. One of her big moments was telling Wheels to leave her the fuck alone when he found out that he actually passed grade 9. The other one was when she assumed that Claude went to hell for committing suicide. Her acting chops were in high gear in that episode because she actually showed emotion and cried. I would say that she was Degrassi’s go to character for background players because she lasted from day one to the end. But someone else beat her for the top spot and of course she’s in the background in this shot!

Degrassi Joy

#1. Fat Nancy Kramer (Local Degrassi Oaf)

Before some of you say, wait a minute, have you lost your fucking mind?! She was always featured in a bunch of episodes. But just think about it. None of those episodes were remotely about her or else we would have known how she ate her own weight at her favorite eating establishment, The Hungry Heifer. Fat Nancy was the ultimate background character because she would mostly say shit like, “Remember, just make sure it’s 100 words.” or she’d tell everyone the answers to a test because she’s a big fat know it all. The drivers ed episode was annoying as hell. Mostly her job was to tell various cast members what was happening in the school. Like most background characters she added nothing to the story and was just there to fill up space. A good example was the talent show. She was there with a clip board and had absolutely nothing to say and wasn’t even important to the episode. So congratulations Fat Nancy you’re Degrassi’s number one bit player.

Degrassi Fat Nancy


Author: Degrassi Guy

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of the Degrassi Universe in the far side of interwebs. For all ten of you who are reading this, welcome! Degrassi Junior High/High was a show produced in Canada that showed the trials and tribulations of every day students. This show tackled everything and I mean everything. From alcoholism, depression, pedophiles, bullies, eating disorders, hitchhiking, death of parents, adoption, teen pregnancy, hiding other products to get condoms so no one will notice. To pornography, suicide, getting the smack down from your mustached boyfriend and getting the guts to get away from him. If I missed anything, trust me. Degrassi didn't. Degrassi was pretty much as real as it got. Especially back when I first started seeing it. Saved by the Bell it was not. You never saw Zack Morris smoking weed, getting Kelly Kapowski pregnant or AC Slater giving Jessie a good beating when she sassed him. So sit back and get ready to reacquaint yourself with the beginning of the Degrassi Universe. For those of you who are new, you don't know what you're in for. But that's a good thing. This is Degrassi Junior High/High seen through my eyes. Basically what I loved and hated. Some of you may disagree with what I think, but that's ok. Mostly though, after all these years later. I still love this cheesy show.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Degrassi Junior High/High Background Characters

  1. Just wanted to let you know that this is the greatest blog of all time. Also, you forgot about wheelchair with flag girl. A completely separate character from Maya who has one line in the most nasally voice, “Watch your toes!”

  2. I Wonder what happened to the guy that played ‘Max’
    Didn’t notice till recently that he was also in a lot of the shots in DH too.
    Great blog btw, props to you ! 🙂

  3. I wonder what happened to Joshua Whitehead, the guy who played ‘Max’
    Didn’t notice till recently that he was also in a couple of shots in DH too.
    Great blog btw, props to you! 🙂

  4. Wow sorry double post 😦

  5. Nice!! And I just realized you mentioned me! what an honor. Once again you had me laughing out loud, this time with the use of the word “Oaf”.

  6. I found Nancy Kramer on Twitter and she now bakes pies! I just thought that was too funny since she’s “Fat Nancy Kramer” on here lol!! She posted a picture with her and Joey holding up a pie she made that had “Degrassi Pie” on it haha!

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